The Dark Side of Clean Energy and Digital Technologies by Guillaume Pitron, review — our dirty future

Thas a domain that could use some real innovation. If exploiting cheap and docile slave labor in countries halfway around the world is needed to keep prices on any new technologies bearable, sustainability is just a hollow word. There are rare Earths anywhere – in fact, they are not rare at all. They are laborious and hard to extract as they usually don’t come in handy ores to dig out but must rather be extracted from massive amounts of other material that in most cases has no further value. As long as cheap slave labor and lax environmental rules in those third party countries keep prices artificially low, there is no incentive to invest in innovation. Time to create a Border Adjustment Tax to account for those disparities and incentivize homegrown extractive industries. Oh yes, the Compliance Industrial Complex must be clipped down as well.

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