The fungus zombies in ‘The Last of Us’ are fictional, but real fungi can infect people, and they’re becoming more resistant

And just in time when people start to open their eyes a bit as the pain starts to really bite, there is a new Hollywood production putting the fear of God into us. But I am game – let’s look into this. Would the warming of the earth make a fungus mutate so that it makes us zombies? Fungi are one of the most fundamental branches of the tree of life. This means that they have been around for billions of years since the very first life appeared. We are now in one of the coldest periods in Earth’s history. This means that fungi have existed in much warmer climates than today for hundreds of millions of years and now, a degree more should make them into human-killing monsters. Where is the data for that?n Pure science fiction should not masquerade as science. 

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