The Green New Deal Is Unrealistic? Get Real

Any organized society – today that’s mostly countries – beats its citizens in two ways. Its beats its criminals when they transgressed the law and its would-be criminals by dissuading them to do so with the threat of force. And its beats everyone in the community with taxes which is nothing short of expropriation. We all know the theories behind taxation but let’s get real. It’s your money and they take it away from you at gunpoint if need be. Those are the two most violent acts by a government. Both of them put an obligation of restraint on the governing class. And when that restraint is kicked to the dumpers, the covenant with the governed is broken. The GND will cost a lot of money, money that will have to be removed from the people by force as they will not hand it over willingly. Considering the level of taxation we have right now, that’s not going to be easy or peaceful.

Opinions on the “Green New Deal” run the gamut from calling it “a bold, ambitious vision” to warning that it represents “the first step down a dark path to socialism.” 

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