The LNG sector is breaking taboos to stay competitive

There are lots of interesting developments underway in LNG right now – that’s a fact and it has not been as exciting as now since I joined the industry 15 years ago. However, there is also a huge grain of salt as many projects rely on bubblenomics in order to square the circle and it flies in their faces on a regular pace. Anybody remembers Aussie projects writing off double-digit billions as just one example. The most solid ground would be establishing LNG as a fuel for mobility. But this means boots on the ground, little by little work of persuading industries, consumers, politicians and all the others that think they have a stake. This means painful arguing with foolish green groups demonizing everything that does not look like a windmill or glistens in the sun. This means hard work outside posh corporate suites and on the ground. Is LNG ready to go there?

Breaking taboos in the LNG industry is a time-honored tradition. The disruptors have sometimes succeeded and sometimes failed, but the commercial arc of the LNG universe is unquestionably bending towards change.

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