The LNG wave is on the way

Was that really so surprising. We are so used to hypes and steamrolling that we won’t see the fundamentals if they scream in our faces. We will be in supply shock for some years now and the world should applaud as this oversupply will create so much pain in the market that it will be forced to evolve. Will it be a near death experience for some – sure it will. Will there be blood – heck yeah. Don’t like it? Hard luck as this is the world you will be dealing with for a number of years. Don’t look for a sympathetic shoulder to cry on – get your act together and grow some bigger fangs plus patience for the market. You will need them.

Europe’s LNG terminals are set to be over 60pc busier in January 2019 compared to the same month last year. Australian, Russian and US supply has stepped up, and Asia is working through a backlog of fourth-quarter oversupply after mild weather.

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