The potential power of politicians is astounding

It’s a doomsday cult that has every developed country in the world in its grip. In less developed countries this Kool-Aid does not work as people are still quite close to the time when things were much worse. They came up hard and still do and they have no time for BS. But we have because we take everything for granted. And as our brains run empty, many of us are falling for the doomsday sayers. Followed by the snake oil sellers that strike it big on the back of the fears of people that don’t know what life without the goodies they take for granted is. The only solution is to make them experience how their lives they seem not to value at all will change. Not by showing them, not by telling them. Make them enjoy life without any modern amenities unmitigated by dastardly fossil fuels. We need reservations where those people must sample the real thing.

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