The trillion-dollar question: how will Asia Pacific meet power supply needs in the next decade?

Is there really anyone who asks himself? Then you have not paid attention. Because the big economies in Asia have already shown their game. China builds record numbers of new coal plants and coal mines, Japan goes for new coal capacity – coal is going to be big in Asia in 10 years – and in 30. I don’t think that I will live to see the day when coal consumption in Asia goes down seriously. Then there is a whole new wave of nuclear. China builds new reactors at a breakneck pace, and Japan will go for a fresh nukes wave. So will other nations. LNG will provide the cherry o top but as the world will go for more LNG vehicle fuel, that will be expensive so they will sit out the coal and nuke thing. In 30 years, the only place where you can see a windmill in Aia is in a museum. The museum of human follies right beside a picture of the tower of Babylon.

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