The truth behind renewable energy

Humanity started to develop in earnest when energy started to be concentrated. And that came with coal. Good, stable thermal energy at a very high rate that allowed for the industrial age to happen in the first place. Without coal, most of us would not even be alive and those that would be alive would live much more like people in the late Middle Ages lived. They would scrape a living out of the soil. Lifes then were short, brutish and there was no place for self-realization outside a very small circle of the upper crust. Wokeness would neo even exist as a concept without coal, oil, and other hydrocarbon energy and their byproducts. Going back to unreliable, very flickery energy sources such as solar and wind is more than a step back. Pushed to the extreme it means the end of civilization as we know it. But voters won’t let that happen. When the pain exceeds a certain threshold, they will kick all this climate stuff to the curb.

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