The USA is more responsible for climate change than any country

Wow, America haters are riding high again. Never mind the facts on the ground. Like that half of the planets annual coal consumption happens in China. Yes, China burns more coal than all together countries combined and it’s still rising. But somehow that must also be America’s fault. And China was just caught cheating again – this time on CFC emissions so they showed once again that any treaty with them is garbage as they won’t abide by it anyhow. But that’s America’s fault as well I guess. Yes, lots of fingers point at China especially but it’s not because the world is evil but rather because there is lots of stuff to point at. You don’t like Trump – then say so openly. Don’t hide it in a sham piece on one of the countries that has done an awful lot to improve the condition of mankind. Everyone needs to work on making this a better world but America is well on its way. many others have a long way to get where the US is today.

When you can get conservatives and libertarians to admit that global warming is real, serious, and caused by humans, almost inevitably they start pointing fingers at India and China. What is the reality of the USA’s contributions to global warming vs the rest of the world’s?

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