To Believe or Not to Believe? Breaking Down the Hype Around Tesla’s Battery Day

Electric Vehicles benefited from a slew of drivers that have mostly nothing or very little to do with fundamental technology improvements. The physics of batteries are still the same as when they were invented. We are at the slightest solid – Lithium – now so there is a physical barrier. Battery management allowed for a lot more to be squeezed out of what we have than thought possible. The battery as we know it operates in a much more managed environment as opposed to the silent cubes sitting in the front of our cars that were treated with all kinds of appalling conditions including overloading and deep unloads. But all this has limits and we are at the limit of what can be squeezed. Also, prices came down because of scale effects and also a to of wishful thinking no to forget the largest battery producer China wanting to kill the competition with artificially low prices. How long would that be sustainable? EV’s are out of the exotic animal special shop – they are part of the zoo now so the rose-tinted glasses are off. As are the velvet gloves.

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