TOTAL (TOT) Ships 1st Carbon Neutral LNG Cargo, Cuts Emission

International Oil Companies such as Total think they can buy themselves out of trouble. Instead what they really do is feeding the crocodile. Because even if the subterfuge will get the activists off their backs for the moment, they will just wait for a little and come with more and more insane demands. It’s a never-ending circle. The only thing out of this vicious circle is confronting the beast head-on. And the one way to do that is by showing people the reality behind the climate change scam and how much good hydrocarbon fuels have brought to humanity. is that easy? Nope, people are hooked on fear porn but eventually, the effect wears off and they need more fear and hence more fear porn. This is not going to end well as all those hysteria end in tears. There will be corpses by the wayside when the storm fades. The crocodile feeders will be among them.

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