Trump Has Officially Ruined Climate Change Diplomacy for Everyone

Trump has not ruined anything – except maybe the sham of a lying circus that was called Climate summits. Don get me wrong – anyone who has read more than 5 of my posts knows fully well where I stand in this issue. Climate Catastrophism is a religious sect that thrives on brainwash and induces people to believe they can alter the natural evolution of earth and nature. The only thing we can sensibly do is adapt to what earth throws at us. We don’t have a choice here. The fact that a whole jamboree of politicians, celebrities and bureaucrats meet in nice places in order to save the world is a fraud of the grandest order to the people paying for this obscenity. Those politicians are in the know but they tag along as it lets them sign agreements that nobody lives up to in order to claim that they did their jobs before their constituents. They are as useless as another anus right at the forehead. And they are cheaters. They should do their utmost to make their constituents lives better, instead, they rob them blind. Thanks, Mr. Trump for ending this.

The Paris Agreement became a milestone in the fight against climate change by binding all countries, no matter their level of economic development or emissions profile, to a unified process for decarbonization. The agreement’s momentum, however, has now been halted by a countervailing force. Call it the “Trump effect.”

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