Trump says ‘climate change goes both ways’

What both omitted to cut into was that Climate Change is not only natural, it is the one thing that makes sure that there is this thing we call life and nature. This rock we call Earth came into existence 4,5 billion years ago and since then there has not been a time when the climate has been stable. Billions of years ago, it was the Earths own processes that determined the pace of change. Don’t get me wrong – the external factors (orbital wobbles and sun activity) were always there and they had their share in the process. But compared to the early Earths volcanism this was trivial. The Hadean atmosphere was composed of more than 95% CO2. Only in time, a process we would call life today changed that towards CO2 being a trace gas. But life also has a suicide switch. Because it was so effective in sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere and transporting it into the Litosphere, that at various points we came close to plant death at 150ppm and below. Today, its the external factors that drive the Climate. And with today, I mean the last 500 Million years – a blip in Earths 4500 Million years existence.

“I believe that there’s a change in weather and I think it changes both ways,” Mr Trump told Piers Morgan in an interview that aired on Wednesday.

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