U.K. Power Grid Getting Ready for Life Without Gas Power Plants

No, come on, why stopping short of the real deal? What the UK grid tells us right now is “We don’t like those dastardly gas power plants, but we will gladly take the power when we need it”. And the gas industry – like fools – take this on the chin with a smile. When it should tell the grid operator to screw off. They take the comfort gas provides while at the same time kicking its ass and giving it faces. If the gas industry had any balls at all it would call the bluff. Flywheels, batteries, sure … What else? You know what, take a part of the grid and go for the Full Monty there without subsidizing it with Natural Gas and see what consumers think about it. Paying double, triple or more while still suffering brown or blackouts. But they wont do that because its easier to boast with no balls to back it up rather than being real and in the face of people. But you know what, time flies and as a past British prime minister once said – arguing with reality is like trying to convince a crocodile to eat you last, but eat you it will.

Two years after Britain had its first coal-free day since the Industrial Revolution, the nation’s network operator is readying itself for life without any fossil fuels.

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