Urgent Climate Action Required to PREVENT the Greening of the Sahara Desert

Today we know that the Sahara was greener at some time. Not millions of years ago but at a time when humans built cities and empires in the Levant. And let’s just look at the Middle east. Some of the most spectacular cities were built at places that are deserts or semi-arid steppes today. Our forefathers would not have built them there if this ground was so barren then. Those were lush places that turned arid. Not because of CO2 but because climate changes all the time, even over centuries or even decades. I love the Sahara. I have crossed it on a bicycle and did many treks walking through parts of it in Egypt when I was younger. But if it becomes a greener place, I will only be happy for those living there. Global Warming would be a good thing, too bad it’s over. #GlobalWarming #Sahara #Greening

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