US natural gas exports to Europe surge nearly 300%

Any person with half a brain should be appalled by the spin politicians put on normal developments in the gas market. We had oversupply coming for quite a while – only those with their head in the sand could not see it coming. We also knew for quite a while that North Western Europe would be the destination of last resort when all else fails which is often the case now. Again, only those living under a rock could have missed that. This was known before Trump was known to win the presidency of the US and by some even before Russia annexed Crimea. And now, politicians in the US and Europe make it look like they are working to help to resolve an energy crisis when the market took care of it all alone. Who needs those scoundrels?

The European Union announced Thursday that its imports of U.S. liquefied natural gas have climbed 272% since 2016, with the steepest increases occurring after President Trump met last July with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to hash out a trade deal.

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