What the pandemic has taught us about science

When I worked for big corporations I had a rule. Every team of more than 2 persons develops team dynamics that have little or nothing t do with the task at hand and eat up precious resources at best. Every organization with more than 10 persons becomes political. Everything attached to public bodies, big corporations, and administrations – no matter how small – is a treacherous snakepit. Some people have ambitions and most people play the “not my fault – not my responsibility” game. Most people in large organizations know what’s expected of them – no need for a memo. Pretty up that figure, pimp that report. Science is no exception to this – its people in the end. You go with the flow and if there is a thought creeping up in your mind and you find out that it goes against the flow and is hence a risk – no matter how insignificant – you will stamp it out root and stem. When Nazi Germany fell, normal people were shocked to be told that what they did was wrong. You go with the flow – come hell and high water. What’s right or not does not matter a bit.

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