Why Do Renewable Energy Sources Need Government Subsidies?

Yes, I agree. This is great news. Wind and solar are the cheapest now. Finally, we can discontinue the myriad support programs that exist to keep them from faltering. They are the cheapest, why would they need any support anymore? Subsidies – gone. Feed in tariffs – gone. Renewable surcharges to be paid by the consumer – gone. That’s a hell of a lot of money. We can start fixing our schools. And I don’t want to hear any moans from the renewable folks. They are the cheapest – that’s what they say. Let’s just take them by their word. Let’s slash those programs altogether. Renewable is ready to walk without crutches. I wanna see that.

If you read the progressive press, or even a little of it, with an interest in matters of energy policy, then surely you know by now that it has become cheaper to produce electricity using the wind and sun than using fossil fuels.

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