Thats a very nice tally and I am sure Renewable advocates and project promoters will contest one or the other detail but stay with the big picture. Do you want to live on a planet thats covered from head to toe with windmills and solar panels? And whee are we going to get the materials to make this all happen. We would probably have to mine space and bring stuff back to Earth as the volumes would be a challenge to obtain here on our home planet. And what will it do to our home rock when we scape so much matter out of it? And – what is Green Energy anyhow? Because to me, it’s the thing that a certain caste of people has designated as such. If we have to tally real emissions, Natual Gas is much greener than wind and solar as it does not need this hair-raising amount of mining beforehand. People need to understand this – -and we need more such reports. #RenewableEnergy #Renewables #GreenEnergy

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