Why Should Schools Teach Climate Education?

Teaching Climate Change in school. Sure. But what will it be? Is it going to be the brainwash from the IPCC and the Climate Alarmist pack? Or will they get alternative viewpoints, so they can decide for themselves? Will they get unaltered data or will they get models that have failed to come true and still are being taken serious? Will it be indoctrination or will it be true schooling? I teach my children about the Earths history, about how Earth came to be and how life evolved and Earth with it. I teach them that this is a complex system that cannot be modeled with some formulas and that its important to draw a distinction between an opinion and hard data. Because out there, no one will do that.

When we think about schools, we first come up with subjects such as math, science, reading, and writing. However, these subjects, while important to success, are not all that schools teach. Schools also teach students how to be responsible, not just for themselves, but for their impacts.

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