Right after I had started my own business in 2011 I started running for LNG. In quite a disorganized way I must confess.

In 2017, I teamed up with another energy pro and together we founded LNG Austria, a non-profit advocacy organization that fights in order to help the introduction and expansion of LNG as a fuel in my home country. It was the successor of “energy Austria 2020”, a private initiative that I created in 2013 for a very similar reason. It was time to give this effort a proper legal structure and also adapt the mission using the experiences from the years prior to LNG Austria..

It was not all easy going but the expertise we won in the meantime is priceless. And we have made decision-makers in politics, the press and the economy aware of the potential for LNG use.

Now the hard slog starts in earnest as we help lawmakers reform their partly nonsensical laws and regulations. A time-consuming process that’s fraught with numerous pitfalls.

Very soon we found out that other countries in Europe needed similar structures. LNG is a sideshow for other similar organizations at best. However, it deserves its own body representing its interests. Therefore, in 2019 we have created “LNG Europe” as a new organization designed to complement the actions of nation based non-profit associations.

The organizations are independent of each other and operate at arms length. LNG is really a European issue as heavy-duty traffic is a European issue.