In 2017, I have founded LNG Austria, a non-profit advocacy group for the introduction and expansion of LNG as a fuel in my home country. It was the successor of “energy Austria 2020”, a private initiative that I created in 2013. It was time to give this a proper legal structure.

It was not all easy going but it was more than worth it as we have made decision-makers aware of the potential for LNG.

Now the hard slog starts in earnest as we help lawmakers reform their partly nonsensical laws and regulations. A time-consuming process that’s fraught with numerous pitfalls.

Very soon we found out that other countries in Europe needed similar structures which is why in 2018 we have created “LNG Europe” as a federation of such nation based non-profit associations. LNG Europe coordinates and provides LNG expertise while the national associations concentrate on the hard work of local lobbying.