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In the “Margin Notes” section of this website I frequently offer my opinions on issues that strike me. I usually offer a dynamic link to an article, a video or some other media item making a point on the issue in question. This link will try to automatically include an image directly pulled from the respective media item at the moment the page is called by the visitor. This link and the process underlying it are dynamic and hence may evolve. I have chosen not to tamper with this automatism. If the third-party publishing the media item in question deletes all or part of or if they edit it, the content shown will evolve as well or disappear altogether.

Any such post and/or such a dynamic link does not constitute an endorsement of the targeted website, certain pages of it or all or parts of its underlying philosophy. I may even strongly object with the content and only use the media item in question as an anchor to make a point.

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