Border Adjustment Tax – Control Knob for Free Trade

April 8, 2020/by Rudolf Huber

How free shall trade ever be

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How COVID-19 will reshape energy

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Warming waters …

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The 5th Climate wave

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A flawed world economy laid bare by COVID-19

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Show me – the problem with evidence

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The wrath of the Tsar

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There is (an old) a new sow in the village …

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Escaping Potemkin

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Helios – The weather machine in the sky

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The first LNG Market Maker

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Terra Methanum – the methane machine

January 14, 2020/by Rudolf Huber

Is wine a good proxy for temperature changes

January 7, 2020/by Rudolf Huber

The wonderful world of methane 2

January 1, 2020/by Rudolf Huber

The wonderful world of methane 1

December 25, 2019/by Rudolf Huber

Europe – from LNG’s killing fields to its innovation hub

December 17, 2019/by Rudolf Huber

The LNG seesaw is out of whack

December 10, 2019/by Rudolf Huber

LNG – Banishment from paradise

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The original sin of LNG

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LNG – The nature of the beast

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Gas Rails – The next level of LNG distribution

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Life after reliable energy

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The smallest LNG lobbying organisation does the heavy lifting to change excise taxes in Austria

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A bigger planet – Fossil free transport

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Electric Anarchy – Life without fossil fuels

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Oil Farming

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Who stole my dreams

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NOPEC’s last battle

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The end of effortless oil

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The Holy Church of Climatology

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The gas of life and the climate

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Taking the heat

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The new American age

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Is it smart for the US to export LNG

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The road to hell is paved with discarded business models

August 5, 2019/by Rudolf Huber


July 23, 2019/by Rudolf Huber

Damned lies

July 14, 2019/by Rudolf Huber


July 9, 2019/by Rudolf Huber

The fallacy of external costs

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Sleeping in the pendulum clock

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Destination Clauses – Japan got it all messed up

April 17, 2017/by Rudolf Huber

LPG producers – act now or go away forever

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Could Russia be importing US LNG soon?

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Who will pull the curtain on the first gas-electric 18 wheeler/excavator/locomotive

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Is LNG more expensive than pipeline gas?

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The Ethane conundrum

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There is a monster waiting for OPEC – and it’s not shale

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Open letter to President-elect Donald J. Trump

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Distributed electricity Generation with LNG

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How energy communism has gotten us into this mess

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The book of Elon

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The Qatar LNG backflip

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Can LNG prevail against the dark side of energy

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Why some trading and smart contracts don’t make LNG hubs yet

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Just imagine OPEC reduces supply and nobody cares

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US shale to the Caribbean

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Methane 3.0 – or should we say LMG

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Does Russia have the gas Europe needs

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We must suffer – from here until Methanopolis coming

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