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OPEC’s catch 22

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Could the Emirates be to the Middle Eastern gas market what the UK was to European one

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Was shale a frackin bubble?

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AGRI and a new energy future for the Black Sea region

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How to beat chicken and egg in LNG bunkering

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The real reason for the (so called) low oil price

December 27, 2014/by Rudolf Huber

The Pharaoh dimension – LNG in Egypt

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Evolution in the LNG garden

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Alaska LNG – no lessons learned from Australia

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LNG, CNG and electric vehicles – what’s doing what

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The real hybrid car – not just a Prius

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The demise of the dinosaurs – some parallels

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Peak everything is bullshit – how about peak idiots

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How about lunar strawberries?

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Use LNG or lose money – the example of Iran

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The unholy alliance

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FLNG – great technology, wrong business model

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We must get off Russian gas – and it’s not because of Putin or Ukraine

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No filter will save us – particulate matter kills

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Dealing with Russia – what makes sense for European gas

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The Danube river – from backwater to energy artery

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The shape of things to come – Methanopolis

December 18, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

LNG startup companies and the investors game

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The value of bad news – only good news is toxic

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Forget hydrogen – here comes biomethane

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Why shale is good for mankind but bad for the US

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America is the new energy El Dorado – what about Europe now?

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The taming of the shrew – vehicle owners and LNG

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The emerald factor – LNG from Colombia

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The Lala-land factor and how greens exploit it

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Africas energy master plans – any good in them

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You’ll get what you are given – attitudes in LNG sales

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The diesel engine – a driving garbage incinerator

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Leapfrogging – LNG for Africa

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Beyond the thunderdome – pigshit and LNG

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Whats so natural on natural gas – a contrasting juxtaposition

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Natural Gas and Chaos theory – predicting unpredictability

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European Natural Gas prices – where are we headed

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LNG on rails – networking fuel

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Why terrorists will hate the new LNG world

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Nabucco is dead – but thats what fossils are

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