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It’s almost 9 years ago that I was asked to perform an in-company introductory course on LNG for the employees of the company I worked for at the time. It was a short 3-hour affair and I threw in everything I could possibly scratch on the matter. In the end, I just got known as Mr. LNG – a title I reveled in a lot as I saw untold potential in this cold fuel. I worked through nights and henceforth, my in-company reputation as the go-to source of expertise for LNG was undisputed.

When I look at the original slides I used at the time, I am still a bit awestruck by the level of animation I had put into them. At the time, I might have thought that some cool gimmicks would stun the audience in order to amplify the impact of LNG. I quickly learned that pure and simple fact and reasoning explained and exemplified in plain terms tops any legerdemain.

Now, 9 years after my first LNG workshop it was about time to fundamentally rethink my entire LNG training portfolio. I had held countless courses in the meantime and learned an awful lot in the process. Some of the best stuff I teach today often was an innocuous remark by someone made in some workshop I had animated years ago or some after workshop question sent to me. Strangely, it’s the non-LNG folks that challenge me most as their thinking is still largely unspoiled by all the clutter in the business.

Because – who would deny it – we are living in changing times. LNG, a monolith with regards to business practices and contractual trends just a few years ago, has been split wide open and is experiencing the biggest reversal in business practice since its inception. And the heat has just started to mount on the entire industry. Lots of change means lots of risks – but also incredible opportunities and it will likely be those from outside the industry that will change it, improve on it, push it to the next level and dominate the industry in the years to come.

I have built 3 courses that not only acknowledge this effervescent change, they fully embrace it in order to see how deep the rabbit hole may go. But fear not – LNG enthusiast in the making – as we will not skip the basics. Some things have changed – others not. Some things come back with a vengeance. Find out where the journey leads and let me hand you cloak and dagger to make the mark that you have chosen to make.

And the clock is still ticking. This is version 1.0 of Methanumorphosis as this is my new way of delivering LNG training. However, the contents have been polished so many times over that real version control would be a challenge. I have divided everything up into self-contained modules so you may choose one of the 3 pre-configured packs and stack them as high as you like. Or you tie up your own batch from the modules – made to measure. Just take a look at all the modules and start stacking.

Let me get you ready for your personal LNG journey.

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