OPEC’s catch 22

This is not my first post on the current oil price dilemma and…

Ragnarok for oil sellers – and you thought the mayhem is over

All those interested in Norse mythology (I am sure there are…

The real reason for the (so called) low oil price

So we have lived through the last OPEC meeting in Vienna holding…

European Natural Gas prices - where are we headed

European natural gas prices are a shambles. The ones say that one can't make a living under those conditions as the price is to low for comfort. The others say that it's to high for gas to be competitive. Who is right? An off the beaten path analysis.
A couple of things were conveniently forgotten by those driving the portfolios. First gravity - everything that goes up eventually will come down. European energy utilities and gas traders deluded themselves into believing that the Bonanza would be never ending.

Cheap oil is over - what that means for LNG

Cheap oil is gone, expensive oil comes in. But that changes the architecture of the energy planet more than most would like to think.