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Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise

That’s the true objective. They don’t want to save the planet as the planet is in no danger from a climate collapse. They want control over everyone everywhere. Looks like democratic societies automatically go for something like this once their structures grow old. Look at the Athenian democracy under Pericles, look at the Roman Republic. No perfect democracies but still valid examples. It always degenerates into mob rule and what the mob wants, politicians want...

LNG supply glut, price slump should raise questions over future projects

There is a hype bubble on the Asian LNG market. Pakistan seems to have found what they need in their own piece of earthly crust, Egypt has become an exporter again, Chinas growth is not as shiny anymore, Japan cranks up the nukes, … Does not look rosy. But there is another titan on the horizon and this one is going to beat Asia by an order of magnitude. LNG is used as a fuel...

China’s February LNG imports fell from January record as winter demand eased

China is – like its Asian peers – a flexibility taker. This means that they cannot accept even deliveries of LNG all year through, they don’t have nearly enough storage for that. But China is also quite big as a buyer which means there are two ways to deal with this. Either overbuying and trying to get rid of the excess on the spot market. Or under-buy and buy at premium prices in the spot...

Destination Clauses – Japan got it all messed up

Anyone who follows the current flurry of activity in the Asian LNG marketplace must be startled. The casual LNG observer might have the impression that it’s just some contractual clauses that are at the heart of the problem and that their modification – or even better their removal solves all ills of the world. That’s an almost fraudulent misrepresentation of how things really stand – and those who entertain it either don’t have a clue…



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Rudolf is in many ways a human 2.0 – very bright, good at languages, skills that cover the whole value chain of gas and the ability to question the conventional! The last is perhaps the most valuable, even if not all established “experts” want to listen. Frequently, time shows him right. His impatience is refreshing and a discussion with him is always enlightening!

Karen SundFounder and partner at Sund EnergySund Energy

I met Rudi about a year ago (2015) when I was working on LNG Procurement with Emirates LNG. I needed very specific knowledge on contracts, market mechanisms and pricing. I tried a couple of sources to get smart, but it was not until I attended Rudi’s workshop on LNG contracts and prices that I really got to the core of everything. Rudi answered all my questions in simple language that was clear and easy to understand. Since then, whenever I have any question or something I am unclear on, I ask Rudi and I immediately get an answer. Not many people achieve mastery of anything at the level that Rudi has on the Gas and LNG industry. If you need to understand, really understand, then I highly recommend Rudi’s workshop.

Saleem Alavi Captain

I first discovered a certain Rudolf Huber while he was wrapping up at Fuel Emulsions International and starting at NeXtLNG. After setting me straight on my quest for the latest innovations with Marine fuels, I knew that the “Pit Bull” deserved special notice. Aside from having a passion for the Energy Business, he also has a teacher’s ability to inspire further investigation. He ventures an opinion where others don’t dare and he does so with wit that few who follow the sector can match. Rudolf champions realistic energy choices and is not afraid of shining BRIGHT lights on the changes ahead.

James D. Shepperd Corporate Communications at ERNI

I met Rudolf at the beginning of 2011, since we were both involved and working together within several European / Scandinavian projects for the development of technology, standardisation and legal aspect in the use of LNG as marine fuel and along its supply chain. Rudolf has vast expertise in, and perspective on, different aspects of LNG technologies, suppliers, infrastructures and supply chain options. He is able to provide a deep understanding and insight into these areas and is a conscientious and diligent source. Moreover, he is a tremendous visionary on the geopolitical, trading and technology aspects of energy, with a special remark for LNG traditional and small / mid magnitude chain. Rudolf has very proactive personal and working approach and is an excellent team worker and leader. Not least, he has a unique persuasive way of writing, negotiating and delivering speeches. I would certainly recommend him as an excellent expert and believe he would be a powerful asset for any company actively working in Oil and Gas. Thank you Rudolf! Marco

Marco AndreolaOwner Principal at Andreola & Associated Consulting

I was introduced to and met Rudi in Angola when he started to develop his Sub Saharan Africa network. At the time he worked for EconGas/OMV and he tried organizing longterm LNG supply for them under the unlikeliest of all circumstances. He figured that Africa would be the only place where this would be a realistic prospect for long term uncommitted supplies of LNG. Rudi did not hesitate, started in Africa from absolute zero and spawned relationships and personal friendships with incredible speed. When I met him I didn’t know much about LNG. Today I follow the LNG news on my continent with great interest and a much clearer understanding of the LNG trade. Whenever I have a job that involves venturing into the unknown, Rudi will always be my man.

Albert NammeM.D/CEO @ eXGas, Nigeria/Deputy Chairman at Principal Energy Services (Angola)eXGas

I worked with Rudi on a key Europe-Middle East LNG supply chain transaction. He is incredibly driven and pushed the deal forward under very challenging internal and external circumstances. He is culturally astute and was able to navigate very successfully through the various subtleties within the global energy community. Also a great guy to work with!

Nomita NairCounsel at Allen & OveryAllen Overy

Rudolf is a true Business Developer. He questions everything, even his own logic and is not afraid to speak his mind. Rudolf had initiated our LNG activities in Africa and the Americas. He was THE authority to go to when issues arose in LNG but more generally when any issue the company did not know how deal with was on the plate. Rudolf is not a typical manager as we know it. He does not need a lot of structure and procedures and is extremely proactive when it comes to problem solving and making new contacts.

David BergalPortfolio Manager at Kinetrex Energy (LNG & Natural Gas)Kinetrex Energy