Come with me if you wanna live …

The last couple of weeks were a real rollercoaster. When I went into my summer recess, I had the intention to clean up and streamline the portfolio of projects that I worked up for the last 5 years. Pursuing everything at once clearly stretches me thin. Hence the need to make some cuts, some hard decisions.

Because those last 7 weeks allowed me to go on a real deep dive on what I want to accomplish. 

The news cycle makes it appear as if our world breaks apart at the seams. When in reality the planet did not give a damn thing about the human stuff.

Just think of a few examples:

  • According to the doomsayers, the world is still ending in 2030;
  • Europe still doubles down on its agenda to make everyone on the continent poor and miserable;
  • Asia has taken the gloves off and goes back to burn even more coal;
  • and the US is in a quasi-religious war between a mad mob that wants to put the country to ashes and the majority of its people;

What is different compared to 7 weeks ago you ask? 

Did the opinions I hold dear change fundamentally? Not really. 

  • I still think that the economic hardship we slip into right now was long overdue;
  • I still think that most world economies are massively overexposed to financial snake oil sellers and insane levels of debt;
  • I still think that the entire Climate Change scam is exactly that – a fraudulent scheme to milk the populations of developed countries until they are bankrupt;
  • I am still convinced that youngsters that have grown up in a coddled environment are on a woke, virtue-signaling rampage of blind destruction and violence;

And most of all, I am more than convinced that the world needs a dose of reality and a reset. This is going to be hard, it’s going to hurt, we will have to take a very hard look in the mirror and chances are we will hate what we are seeing.

So we essentially have one of two options:

Option one: we keep doing what we are doing right now and it may go on for years but there is one certainty. We will eventually hit a wall and it will get real ugly. And when I say “real ugly”, it’s way worse than anything we see right now in some US cities. Nobody knows how a desperate China might act out once it understands that the usual tricks and games don’t work anymore. Nobody knows how some European nations will react when their room to maneuver goes to zero. Nobody knows what a Russia that finds out that oil money does not keep it afloat anymore would do. Hell, just imagine some of the far left wish list items get real in the US and watch what happens.

Option two: we get our collective butts kicked so hard that at least a portion of the world’s population starts to wake up from its nightmare and starts pulling some corrective levers. And I want there to be no mistake – it will take a mighty big foot for that kick in the butt to be effective. Because most of us are sleepwalking. 

There are not too many with the guts and the stamina to walk this walk. In fact, I think that Trump is our one chance. Not because I am a Trump fan (I am not) or because I endorse everything he does and says (I don’t). No, its because this is ugly business and anyone having a stab on this for real will have to withstand some of the vilest abuse anyone has ever been exposed to. Friendly and politically correct phrases won’t do. We are done with that.

Are you able to walk into a room where everyone hates you and still have the stomach and the guts to get a deal done? I know I would probably struggle with that and I am not known to be a snowflake. 

But before we get too political, a little something on what you may expect from me going on. I have started a new initiative. For those of you who don’t know, I am the father of a mentally handicapped child. And as a father I see what bad a deal those children get anywhere I look. Everyone has a special interest pressure group – but not these children. Nobody goes pick a fight with authorities to correct wrongs and they can’t do it themselves.

Thats where I come in. Part of my time will go for that in the future. But energy and the politics around it also matters to me. In fact, I think both issues are connected as I do what I do in energy because I care about how we leave this planet behind. Just don’t be surprised if I weigh in on issues concerning mentally challenged kids from time to time. 

And thinking about it all and all the new exciting stuff that happens in energy (no I am not talking about the wind and solar industry or even hydrogen or Electric Vehicles) there is one thing I miss. Someone who looks at everything and packs it all into one easy to digest narrative.

Because it is stories that we need. Stories that people understand. No fiddley models, no assumptions, no normalized data, no cocky researcher wielding a percentage claim, and most certainly no politician telling us that we will all die if we don’t give them all our money and freedom with it. 

Because this world will keep rotating, days will become nights and days again, the seasons will keep us on ou feet, we will have babies and families and we will grow again. And we will need realistic but clean energy for that. Methane fits the bill better than anything else.

It is our best chance for a life worth living. Come with me if you wanna live. 

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