You have been charged with a new project and now you have the “Blank Page” problem? Have you ever wished an invisible hand gives you a good tug and helps to get you started?

I sure know the feeling.

Or you are at a dead end but you cannot reveal that to your superiors? You need someone who stays in the shadows and gives you a new perspective?

I got so many requests for such a service that over time I made some changes to my regular Modus Operandi.

Consultants like to brag about their customers. Great advertising.

Obviously, I cannot do that on my ghosting service. In such a case, my customers don’t want anyone to know that I ever did any work for them. They might want to take credit for the work or there might be other, internal reasons why external help is considered to be a problem. Or there are sensitive internal team or company dynamics at play and its best not to disturb the calm surface the team or company presents.

Your reasons for keeping things super-confidential matter very little to me. Confidentiality is my default mode – which means that the only way someone else is ever going to find out that I worked for you is if you tell them. By writing me a recommendation. Other than that, I will never even mention you to anyone else. No Confidentiality Agreement required for that. Well, I will sign one if that makes you happier. You hold the reins.

What I will not do is making false statements, cheating, lying or any other action that might be used to trick investors or business partners. If my reputation is at stake, I will simply desist from working for you.