The coming methane age – will it ever end?

June 24, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Lessons from Shtokman

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Cheap oil is over – what that means for LNG

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LNG or emulsion fuels – whats it gonna be

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Dancing stars with hippos – flex for regas

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Something is lurking beneath those waves

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We are the Borg – resistance is futile

February 28, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Why shale gas is great news for LNG

February 21, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

LNG is cold (when it should be cool)

February 13, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

A letter from Obama

February 6, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Caribbean LNG – the steel pan paradigm

January 30, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Going nuclear – LNG’s natural friend

January 23, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Beating the megatrains – the nimble revolution

January 17, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Another option for Central Asian gas

January 14, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

LNG from the US – between drivel and miracle drug

January 10, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

What your experience is worth in a wormhole

January 7, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Is LNG – or is it not – a commodity?

January 3, 2013/by Rudolf Huber

Give to get – a winning way in LNG

December 24, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

The China LNG story – more toxic than the US story was

December 20, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

Business Development in Natural Gas – get the Frontschwein out

December 16, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

Behold the future and marvel

December 13, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG in the Black Sea – a pipedream?

December 10, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

European energy utilities are traders now – an oxymoron

December 6, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

The power of pain – LNG newbies in trouble

December 3, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

Are your contacts worth anything in LNG business development?

November 30, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

Frankenstein disease in LNG contracts

November 28, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

Gas price formulas and the Big Mac Index

November 26, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG supply for Asia – fighting the Hydra

November 22, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

“Sandy” and the power of distributed power generation

November 21, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

OMV’s Roiss speaks out for shale

November 19, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG cost blowout – Black Mamba bites

November 16, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG sellers will become more like widget makers

November 13, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

European utilities and LNG supply – between a rock and a hard place

November 12, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

Mr. Obama, could this be your LNG term?

November 9, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

The tone here

November 6, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG from Africa

November 6, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG Supply

November 6, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG – the Black Mamba principle

November 6, 2012/by Rudolf Huber

LNG – killer app for diesel

November 5, 2012/by Rudolf Huber