The Holy Church of Climatology

In May 1969, almost exactly 50 years ago, the Soviet planetary exploration space probe Venera 5 sent a lander into the atmosphere of the planet Venus. It was not the first such lander as they tried to land a probe in 1967 and were surprised by the far greater than assumed atmospheric pressure. Venera 5 was built to withstand 25 bars, which for comparison is 25 times the pressure on Earth at sea level.

Venera 5 survived until 53 minutes and made it down until 18 km before the surface of the planet. The scientists monitoring the project were gobsmacked. If the atmospheric pressure on Venus was able to kill a lander designed to withstand 25 bars 18 km before it even reaches the surface, what must the real surface pressure be like then?

They found out in August 1970 with Venera 7 which reached the surface and transmitted data for 35 minutes after landing. Average atmospheric pressure on Venus is about 92 bar. This corresponds to the aquatic pressure 910 meters under the surface in an Earths ocean.

Since ancient times, Venus was considered to be the planet of love. The ancient Romans called it the Evening star as it was so beautiful in the evening sky. Just imagine the shock of scientists to find out what a hellhole Venus actually was.

I was born in 1969 and I grew up with tales of space exploration. During my childhood, the plot of Venus being what it actually is thickened and while I was a teenager, a new term made it into the public conscience. Runaway greenhouse effect.

You might ask now – why is this story about Soviet space exploration important to today’s energy world? It’s not by itself, but I consider it to be the origination story of what Climate Change is today. And if you don’t think that Climate Change is important to energy today, you really must have been living under a rock.

I almost hear you say it: oh man, another blog post on Climate Change. Hasn’t everything been said? Ain’t this matter settled? Shouldn’t we just implement the solutions we know now?

Before the inner judgmental neurons fire, let me nail down who I am and where I stand with regard to the current Climate Change scare.

  • I am not a Climate Scientist
  • I am not even a scientist or an engineer
  • I am not an energy executive
  • I am an avid environmentalist
  • I am a father and I do care about how we leave this planet behind

OK, here is the gist of what I am truly convinced of. To me:

  • Climate Change is real – there is not even shred of a doubt in my mind earth climate changes as we breathe.
  • Human activities most likely have some impact on the climate of our planet.
  • It really looks like CO2 has a heat-trapping property and that this feeds back into the atmosphere.

What’s the big deal now – you might ask.

Well, I strongly doubt that any of this really matters. I believe that there is a long list of much more pressing matters for us to resolve than this issue called Climate Change. For one because I believe that we can’t do anything about it, for another because I am sure that it won’t make a huge difference in the future, and finally because I know that giant scares are almost always giant businesses where sly entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and all kinds of other professions make a great living out of selling us snake oil.

I also believe that the most popular solutions such as wind and solar energy are not only ineffective but that they are tools of destruction and that they are not only making things rather worse than better but also that they bring social pain and suffering upon us by wrecking the economies that adopt such measures.

Before your inner judgmental switch flips, let me make some things clear. No matter how you understand what follows, I am not what a Climate Activist would call a Climate Skeptic. However, many of my views might give this prejudice nourishment.

Climate Change is a natural process. This planet – since it has formed about 4500 million years ago – has not seen a moment when the climate was not changing. Volcanoes, Asteroid impacts, changes in solar luminosity, changes in orbit, and finally the emergence and the development of life itself were potent drivers in this process and we are not done by a damn sight.

Right now it seems as if the planet enters a cold period. If CO2 really caused Warming, we might desperately need it as we are going to get our nuts frozen off. True warming is insignificant and in line with centuries of historical observation. Data is constantly adjusted – another term for “made compatible with desired results”. Artificial consensus in the scientific community is being found where there is no such thing. When the apostles of such theorems are asked to provide raw data, they often balk.

What irks me is the quasi-religious nature this whole thing has taken. Climate Change cannot be discussed under any circumstance. Those asking innocent questions are immediately labeled Climate Deniers which – in popular imagination has been designed to be equated with a child molester. And those that take a stance and firmly reject the dogma are designated heretics that must be stamped out.

The Church of Climatology has tried all sorts of things to silence its critics. One of the latest brushes was Dr. Mann who lost his court case against Dr. Ball trying to silence him through legal action. Shut up or I sue you has become a staple of the environmental movement.

I have been looking up a list of points that allow you to recognize a cult. I must confess that I have been swamped by a plethora of lists so I condensed them down to my own little list.

Cults exert pressure – there is no time, you need to decide now. Climate Catastrophists never tire repeating that we need to act now. They don’t provide evidence, merely mathematical models that have so far always turned out wrong. But what if – they say – what if they are right? Are you ready to destroy the future of your children on a one percent chance?

A cults leaders claim to have special powers – we all surely remember when Greta claimed she could actually see CO2. That’s scientific nonsense as CO2 is a translucent gas and hence cannot be seen. Most leaders of the Climate Cult enjoy a god-like following of maniacal worshippers and they do nothing to bring balance to the issue.

Cults have a culture of secrecy – the inner core ensures that the leaders are never exposed to question and the leaders will not provide the facts that build the foundation of the belief system. Dr. Mann is the most recent example as his court case was rejected and he was ordered to pay the legal cost of the defense team as he was not ready to share his data. Never mind that this data is the basis of their claims to spend trillions of USD.

Cults brainwash their members – when you join the inner circle you are supposed to internalize the dogma so it can be repeated ad infinitum in order to wear opponents down. Cult members shun their old social circles and only rub the flesh with their kin in order to ensure perfect conformity and avoid strange new thoughts to germinate.

The dogma is superior to all facts – Climate Catastrophists never tire of citing science and calling dogma deniers science and fact refusers. But they themselves will not even discuss scientific evidence that flies flat in your face. People are usually open to what they can see and experience and their inner logic does a reasonably good job of telling them what’s right and wrong. Climate Catastrophism has built up such societal pressure that many people don’t even look at facts anymore but will repeat their sayings like automatons. Don’t ask questions – cults hate that. Try asking a Climate Catastrophist a question they don’t like and decide yourself if they check that box.

There are other signs and this list is just what I extracted from other sources but I challenge anyone to pick those points up (and others) and show me that they don’t apply to Climate Catastrophists.

What those people really do is distracting us from issues that really matter such as poverty, smog, rampant crime or debt levels that will come crashing down on us.

Not long ago, I did not question the core tenets of Climate Catastrophism but at this time, I had not looked into the issues yet. When I started to do so, I met the crazy and shrieking reaction of Catastrophists and that got me curious.

As long as it was a little quiet cult, Climate Catastrophism thrived. Now they want to control the world and the world is going to react as it always reacts to extremists. It has turned a blind eye onto Islamist extremists for a very long time as well, but when those extremists started to impact our lives, we started to respond.

I am not a Climate Denier, but I sure am a Climatology Denier.

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