Available Languages

My courses are built up in English language.

However, I can also hold the course in German or French language if this makes it easier for your audience to follow. This applies especially to in-house workshops and coaching.

A word of warning: Most LNG agreements are written in English language so if you want to work on LNG contract samples, you will have to speak the language. It makes absolutely no sense to translate those contract samples into another language as this is not what you will be dealing with in the real world.

Especially the big base load LNG world is running on English as its major source of communication so if you have problems following the lingo, you might want to reconsider if this is the right kind of business for you.

If on the other side you look into organizing a regional LNG project where source and market are in close range and don’t tie into the big international world, you may validly want to keep it in your local tongue. That being said, most of the equipment world in LNG runs on English as a language, even if they are not English natives.

Please specify your language wishes when you request information on a course.

ATTENTION: My scheduled courses have their language marked on them. There is no language choice at this point.


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