What Stacks are

A stack is a series of modules that are arranged one after the other in a logical sequence in order to produce a course pattern that allows us to achieve our objectives. OK, that’s not really clear.

In other words, you can stack up modules like you can stack up pancakes. The bigger your appetite for knowledge and training is, the bigger your stack may be.

The real magic lies in the flexible nature of the modules. You might say that you like a certain workshop – lets take 3 days “Money and Law” but instead of financing you would like to zoom in on capacity agreements. Easy fix – we take the financing module(s) out and put in more on capacity contracts. See the full list of modules for more.

As all modules are exactly 110 minutes, there is no consequence for switching them out as long as the total number of modules remains the same. Yes, this means that you can compose your own workshop and stack the modules up as high as you like to.

The taller the stack – the longer the course lasts and the more detail we can work through.

There are 3 standard stack heights with a prearranged structure available. If you are fine with one of them you can pull the trigger right now. If – on the other side – you want to do your own thing: WELCOME.


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