All courses are divided into modules for better orientation but also in order to make sure that you can amend the as you need. Every module consists of 110 minutes of work time and a short break of 10 minutes in order to restore bodily functions and have a sip.

Modules are self-contained units which means that they can be mixed and stacked almost at will.

Lecture Modules

Those are the most classical of modules where the course leader speaks and presents slides or other presentation material in order to make a point and the delegates chime in with questions and dialogue. Whatever the dialogue is, there is a clear goal with transferring a fixed amount of knowledge in the given time.

Exercise Modules

This module aims at reinforcing learned concepts through practical exercise but worry not. At no point will you be left to yourself in such a module but this is rather going to be a guided walk through predefined set of steps with enough opportunity to make educated decisions and/or guesses how to proceed. Some questions have not only one right answer and exercises are designed to bring this diversity of solutions into the open.

Discussion Modules

Those are modules where a guided discussion is set loose. They usually open a topic up into the future or if developments are critical but uncertain. Just as above with the exercise module, at no moment will the delegates be left to themselves in such a discussion. The transfer of knowledge is paramount in any module, but discussions are designed to open the mind to new challenges.


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