Who should attend

My courses are suitable for anyone who desires to get a quick, yet deep and structured instruction in Natural Gas and LNG matters. All 3 courses are designed to cover a wide range of potential commercial situations from big, base load LNG to small scale and LNG as a fuel developments.

With the 3 duration modes, I also provide for those who just want to get a good but ultimately quick primer on LNG matters down to those wishing to get cracking on very nuanced and detailed issued.

Depending on what department or team structure you work in you might be interested in one or the other course type. All 3 basic course type respond to requirements in the below-mentioned players and beyond.

Targeted industries:

  • Government Bodies & Regulatory Bodies
  • National and International Oil Corporations
  • Exploration & Production Companies
  • Energy Consulting Firms
  • Power Generations Company / Utilities Companies
  • Consultants, Research Firms, Law Firms and Academics
  • Venture Capitalist in LNG, Gas Infrastructure
    Development Banks
  • Logistics, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Gas Supplier
  • Utilities
  • Truck/Bus Fleet Operators
  • LNG/Gas Retrofit companies
  • Bunkering companies
  • Traders that get in touch with energy sometimes