Natural Gas / LNG Project Development

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Developing a new NG or LNG project is not only hard work – it’s a long process that’s fraught with innumerable pitfalls and economic abysses. It takes patience, a stomach for failure and battle tested project development skills. Get your first few scratches in this course.

This unique interactive training course:

  • Shows you the basics of Business Development as opposed to International Relations or Origination;
  • Delves into the various Business Models in use in the LNG world;
  • Enables you to understand the various phases of a project and use this for your advantage;
  • Learn how to use the various kinds of transactions for your advantage;
  • Examine how the various forms of pre-contracts help navigate thorny issues;
  • Show how local regulations and local content can support your project;
  • Highlights what frustrations must be expected and how to deal with them;
  • Gives you a heavy dose of all that’s on the cutting edge in LNG;

Each module takes 2 hours to complete. Modules can be rearranged and stacks can be adapted according to individual requirements in case of in-house training.

All modules without further denomination are lecture modules. General information on modules can be found on the modules page.

I work with your company to structure effective training programs, either using an existing course or tailoring a course to your specific needs. I will:

  • Evaluate your specific requirements
  • Design a tailored solution
  • Plan the delivery
  • Implement the approved solution
  • Report on the course and propose follow-up

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My courses are suitable for anyone who desires to get a quick, yet deep and structured instruction in LNG matters. All 3 courses are designed to cover a wide range of potential commercial situations from big, base load LNG to small scale and LNG as a fuel developments.

With the 3 duration modes, I also provide for those who just want to get a good but ultimately quick primer on LNG matters down to those wishing to get cracking on very nuanced and detailed issued.

Depending on what department or team structure you work in you might be interested in one or the other course type. All 3 basic course type respond to requirements in the below-mentioned players and beyond.

Targeted industries:

  • Government Bodies & Regulatory Bodies
  • National and International Oil Corporations
  • Exploration & Production Companies
  • Energy Consulting Firms
  • Power Generations Company / Utilities Companies
  • Consultants, Research Firms, Law Firms and Academics
  • Venture Capitalist in LNG, Gas Infrastructure Development Banks
  • Logistics, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Gas Supplier
  • Utilities
  • Truck/Bus Fleet Operators
  • LNG/Gas Retrofit companies
  • Bunkering companies
  • Traders that get in touch with energy sometimes

The LNG world has changed more in the last 5 years than in the 45 years before that. LNG was an exotic solution for getting stranded gas to paying markets in Europe, Asia and to a limited extent to North America in the past Now it has become THE clean energy flexibility option for the planet. New LNG players spring up every year bringing fresh blood into the petrified LNG world.

Continents such as Latin America and Africa that have never seen LNG imports suddenly appear on the map, floating solutions abound, mid-scale and small-scale LNG became important industries in their own right and LNG as a fuel for vehicles as well as bunkering start to make a serious impact.

At the same time, crazy project prices, tumbling oil prices, the impact of shale and Russian pipeline politics require creative thoughts in order to save your project or to salvage what can be.

The journey is still far, but this time of heightened uncertainty also carries the seeds of untold riches and boundless opportunities.

Still, LNG is not for the fainthearted and as Thomas Jefferson candidly observed in the adolescent years of the United States, luck smiles to those who work hard and are prepared.

The road to success is littered with broken dreams. They are the dreams of all those that thought they will succeed by doing what has been done before. Those afraid often take the past as their most important yardstick, and they are wrong.

I will give you a hard dose of fundamentals and I will deliver them straight in your face. Once you understand the underlying fabric of the LNG world, I will show you where you have to bend the rules (or break them) in order to adapt to new challenges and respond to opportunities as they arise.

I will push you over the cliff and teach you how to grow wings while you fall. Because I cannot predict the winds – but I can teach you how to be better at setting sails.

I have led more than 100 industry courses and workshops, the vast majority in-house and on LNG plus Business Development in Africa and the Middle East.

I am a well known figure in the LNG world through my loud and incisive opinions and social media presence – most famously the “PitBull of LNG” blog which was integrated into the Methanist website in 2019 which is a pro-methane energy and environment feature advancing the debate on clean energy solutions.

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  • 3 Modules
    6 hours
    1 day
  • $ 380
  • 12 Modules
    24 hours
    3 days
  • $ 2,700
  • 20 Modules
    40 hours
    5 days
  • $ 3,900

* Price per participant

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Day 1

  1. Business Development
  2. Project Planning
  3. Practical Application & Issues

Day 1 – Business Development

  1. Team Development & Deal Environment
  2. Transactions & Market Drivers
  3. Risk Management & Strategy
  4. Local Content & Culture

Day 2 – Project Planning

  1. Project Phases & Venture Capital
  2. pre-Contracts & JV’s
  3. The Cost Stack
  4. Building a Business Plan (Exercise)

Day 3 – Practical Application & Issues

  1. LNG as a Fuel
  2. Exotic Gas Sources
  3. Modular LNG & IPP (Exercise)
  4. Opportunities & Issues in New LNG (Discussion)

Day 1 – Setting & the Scene

  1. Team Development & some basics
  2. The Environment to deal with
  3. Transactions & Market Drivers
  4. Risk Management & Strategy

Day 2 – Project Planning

  1. pre-contracts& Documents
  2. Project Phases & venture Capital
  3. Local Content & Community Relations
  4. Building the Cost Stack (Exercise)

Day 3 – Dokumentation

  1. Fundamental Issues
  2. Money Issues in the Documentation
  3. Building a Buisness Plan (Exercise)
  4. Dealing with Internal & External Conflict (Discussion)

Day 4 – Selling the deal

  1. Joint Ventures & Financing the Deal
  2. Some characteristics of new LNG
  3. Structuring an entire Project (Exercise)
  4. The cultural Challenge (Discussion)

Day 5 – New Opportunities

  1. LNG as a Fuel
  2. Exotic Gas Sources
  3. Modular LNG & IPP (Exercise)
  4. Opportunities & Issues in LNG (Discussion)

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