Dear visitors,

I have started my own business in 2011. It’s name was not “Methanist” then as I had not solidified my higher calling at this time. I had many plans, most of them never really worked out. And many of the things I am thriving on today I could not have imagined in 2011.

The “PitBull” blog was among the most successful ventures and albeit I have not published new articles in years, its one of the most recognizable parts of me. Things do, however, change it’s time to reorganize my entire web presence. It’s time to unify all my professional ventures into one in order to cut out inefficiencies and provide you, my dearest visitors and customers, with a more coherent visitors experience.

This is why after many years of exposing my views on the “PitBull of LNG blog”, I have decided to discontinue this blog under the URL and merge the content into the new Methanist website.

You will find all my old writings in the blog section of this website. All new writings will also be found there. Content wise, nothing changes. I will be just as irreverent and unconventional as you have known me in the past.

Energy has become an ever-changing and almost weird business – especially considering its much duller past. It’s hard to stay on top and its even harder to understand the twisted flips and turns the energy world takes from time to time.

Its more important than ever to seed your mind with the weird, the unconventional and also with bone-knuckle, hardcore basics from time to time. Things I will continue to provide in order to tickle your eyeballs and thrill your mind.

Hang in for the ride – its getting wild.

Yours Rudolf Huber (PitBull if not in name, then in substance)