As a Business Developer with a passion for LNG, I have few boundaries. The few existing ones – on the other hand – are non-negotiable.

I will not

  • engage in activities that are fraudulent in nature, involve corrupting government or company officials and in any activity that very obviously involves breaking laws and/or rules of ethics.
  • engage in pure cargo brokerage of any kind, be it LNG or any other commodity for profit. I will establish contacts and act like a broker as part of a wider relationship and if this is necessary for conducting my principal work. In such a case I will not earn money through the brokerage services but only through the consulting services offered.
  • engage in introductions with sellers, buyers, groups of any of them, financial institutions and similar for profit. Again, if such introductions are necessary for a retainer relationship, I will, of course, make them as fleshed out in the point above but I will not provide this as a standalone service.
  • engage in providing letters of intent or similar from anyone to anyone.
  • disclose any information about my clients or employers be it confidential or not except if this information has been made available by the party concerned through a press release, nor will I reveal their identity if they wish so except if I am legally obliged to so.