Describe yourself in 3 words:
audacious, dependable, creative

What’s the greatest risk you have ever taken?
Crossing through the Egyptian provinces El Minia, Asyut and Sohag at the height of the Islamist uprising on a bicycle.

What would you spend your last money on?
My two boys.

What was your first ever stock transaction?
When I bough 50% of a company in order to re-develop a tourism business in Paris at the age of 29.

If you would not be a Business Developer, what would you want to do professionally?
Tourist guide in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Who would you like to spend a day with?
Alive: Woody Allen
Dead: Marco Polo

Are you print or online?

What is your favorite activity for a Sunday afternoon?
A sunday out with my kids and my wife.

What temptation can’t you resist?

What’s your philosophy of life?
If you are going to go through hell, keep going.