I am often called a consultant. That’s not what I am. Consultants optimize whatever exists. I will help you with expertise – both theoretical and applied.

As a true Homo Universalis, I will do what it takes to get the job done – all on the condition that I like the job of course.

Rest assured that if your problem cannot be solved or your project cannot be done in a commercially profitable manner, I will be very forward about this very fact. Saving you time and money on “impossible to realize” projects is an essential part of the service I provide to you.

Still, I will not and cannot do any consulting job in the Methane business and not even in the LNG world. My work exposes me to lots of oil gas engineering and that has left deep marks. Still, I will stay away from pure engineering quests as they are for other professionals. However, I will get you in contact with someone who excels in those matters if that is your wish.

I also won’t touch consulting jobs on pure project management issues. I deal with project management all the time but it’s not my bread and butter. I have entered an alliance with a gas project engineer in order to cover this aspect and more of projects.

Lastly, I will not provide pure legal advice in LNG contracts. Although I am a learned lawyer, I am too removed from the legal world to qualify as a specialist lawyer.

I concentrate primarily on two issues – Business Development and contracts. In simpler words – I will deal with your LNG supply problems, be they short, mid or long-term and I will put together the necessary contractual arrangements. And I will put together the commercials of your methane projects so they produce profits when the time has come.

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