Like it or not ...

Like it or not …

Every contract lawyer worldwide knows it – Frankenstein disease. It’s a term I have coined but it describes perfectly one of the worst afflictions any contract lawyer can suffer.

What is it? Frankenstein is a monster that was put together from parts of dead corpses and brought to life in a night of furor. The eventual fate of the monster and its creator is known. What was dead should not be brought back to life.

But this is exactly what happens to contracts all the time. In other economic areas, industry standards have emerged from endless litigation. In LNG this is different for two reasons:

Most contracts that could serve as precedents were concluded at a different time with different parties in wildly different circumstances. You are not comparing apples to apples.

Also the economic environment for LNG has changed beyond recognition over the last 10 years forcing parties to projects to go back to case one in many cases. The precedents that worked in the Nineties would be toxic today for one party.

I provide contract advice at the negotiation table or in review sessions. I will not engage in pure legal review but review your contract(s) for their economic value and make recommendations on how to deal with economic issues. I have deep engineering and legal knowledge but when things get too specific I will recommend seasoned professionals.

I bill by the hour or day rates. I will give you an advance opinion upon superficial review if your contract(s) is (are) complex for free. I reserve the right to refuse advance review.