aboutmeSince my tender youth I aspired to be a Homo Universalis better known today as a Polymath (a person who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields – but not everything). Later in life I joined the Transhumanist movement under Ray Kurzweil.

I was inspired by Hans Moravec, Eric Drexler and Robert Zubrin. Richard Feymann of course was a special inspiration to me in his never ending quest for simplicity and the beauty in it. No surprise, I was always attracted to Japanese thoughts expressed in the Hagakure and the Bushido. Miyamoto Musashi was a very potent guiding light.

LNG came into my life as a leftover nobody wanted. My former employer EconGas wanted to get into the LNG trade but nobody wanted to go for the hard work attached to the business. So it was mine for the taking. It was a steep learning curve as most of my assumptions were shattered in the process. And I discovered the incredible potency of a chemical compound called CH4 and especially its liquid form.

I innately knew that this stuff would shatter the way we find, produce, transport and consume energy and fuel one day. It just made sense to me to put it into a tank and propel a vehicle replacing diesel in the process.

So here I am – pushing the boundaries and aspiring to be a real Methanist.