I can do that …

You certainly have seen by now that I went to law school. Yes, I am a fully fledged in-house lawyer specialized in contracts, commercial law and taxation. How does a lawyer give up legal practice in order to become a business developer?

I always found pure legal work a bit sterile. Law firms are cauldrons of pressure, real hard work and sacrifice in order to become a partner. But my biggest problem was always the complete lack of entrepreneurial spirit. Only small lawyers are entrepreneurs but then the real interesting business is not for you.

When chance greeted, I joined the energy world. To be fair, I did and still do an awful lot of legal work and legal review. But I am not a lawyer anymore. I check agreements for their commercial merit rather than their legal correctness. Formal legal training has never done harm in that pursuit. I often was the preferred interface with legal professionals as I speak their language. Not to be sneezed at in difficult negotiations.

In negotiations, I don’t need a lawyer on the table. If there is a legal problem I cannot resolve myself, I go back to the specialists and resolve it quickly and painlessly. That saves time and money and concentrates expensive lawyers on what they do best. The real legal stuff.

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