itMy love affair with everything informatics started late for programmer’s standards.

In 1999, while I went to law school, I worked as a translator for an IT company Jador’s mission was to provide the tourism industry with internet based booking solutions for hotel rooms, event ticketing and a first tourism e-zine.

I was charged with translating website content from English into German. Text management interfaces were unknown then (Jador indeed developed early versions of them in-house) so I was mostly working with a full programmer as a tag team. The programmer had to point out the text pieces to translate from the code. A real time consuming and laborious occupation. Also, programmer’s typically had better to do with their time than watching my every step.

Soon I was bored and started to look at the code myself. It wasn’t long before I started to write my own HTML and quickly dabbled in server technologies. PHP became my language of choice and MySQL my database. A potent combination as it turned out. The vast majority of the world’s websites such as Amazon or Google are written in PHP/MySQL.

Why is this important here? As a fully-fledged programmer I never had patience with the inabilities of computer interfaces and systems. As soon as I stumble into a problem I start developing IT solutions assisting me tackling it. Computers cannot do my job (not yet at least) but superior IT helps me free up time and energy I can then use for doing a better job for you.