Your company has made the decision to look deeper into LNG than just a little study and some managers at industry conferences. However, you have never negotiated an LNG agreement or built a portfolio that makes sense for you.

A hint: there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” portfolio. You will have to know thyself in order to know how LNG fits into your business. This might entail some real deep restructuring of your existing business. Then again, LNG might remain some sort of free electron in your existing business structure. It all depends on what you need, what you want and what you are willing to learn.

I will come into your business and act as some sort of safe bomb shelter where new ideas can be experimented with while they are not yet infecting the existing business. I will conduct real-life negotiations on the tabletop with your team and following each session we will rip the whole process apart to see its inner workings.

If your existing business is mainly screen trading you will most likely not be used to some “Blue Ocean Style” business development. I will get you into that mood again.

But all that under one condition – which is that you really want this. LNG is not for everyone and there is no better way to find out than trying out some stuff in the safety of the bomb shelter. If then you say no, at least you know why.