No more ME – for YOU

A much younger me understood the internet as a space of freedom. Ideas would circulate, everyone was about to have the tools for disseminating information at the fingertips. Talk was intended to be free, so were opinions. This freedom has led to massive knowledge growth and it has also led to ugly ideas spreading.

I always was of the opinion that every adult person should be capable and free to decide what to take at face value and what to reject. A self-respecting person does not need a nanny filtering what can be seen and what not. People should be free to make up their minds, to agree or disagree, and to retort it they feel thats what is appropriate.

This freedom to debate, to disagree, and to bicker is in question today. Large information silos make decisions on what you are able to see and whatnot. The nanny state has been complemented by the nanny information service.

However, this prison is not absolute. Those eager to stay above the filtering can still get the information they want to see and appraise for themselves.

Because it’s still easy to spread the word. It’s just much harder to get it to anyone’s eyeballs and hence into people’s minds for them to play with. As regards my feed, you can circumvent that.

If one day you don’t find me anymore on the social media service of your choice, you can still subscribe to my weekly newsletter or follow me on one of those alternative services.

And don’t forget – freedom cannot be given. It must be taken.

And real freedom always comes with a price. In this case, the price comes in two parts.

Part one is that you might want to stop trusting your conventional and curated Social Media feed. Go straight to the source and subscribe to my newsletter for unfiltered and unvarnished commentary and analysis.

I promise that I will always be my angry, ranting, irreverent, and unconventional self. I will go on spreading my ideas and my criticisms.

Once you read them, you can’t unread them anymore. Having your mind infected with my idea is the second part of the price you pay.

So, ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

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