14,000 abandoned wind turbines litter the United States

Where are those RE enthusiasts now? Where have they disappeared when it comes to clean up the mess they have thrown upon us. They fully expect the taxpayer to cough up the cash in order to take down their monstrosities. And in many cases, that’s what’s going to happen. But I like the fact that they remain standing in the US. In Europe, politicians are much quicker with using tax money to make their sins disappear. In the US, they are a reminder of what’s not working and given the pace of wind power expansion over the last 10 years, we will be faced with a veritable forest of those things soon.

The towering symbols of a fading religion, over 14,000 wind turbines, abandoned, rusting, slowly decaying. When it is time to clean up after a failed idea, no green environmentalists are to be found.

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