3 Radical Steps to Prevent Capitalism and Climate Change From Killing Us All

About 3200 years ago, most high cultures around collapsed in a relatively short time of less than 50 years. The Mycenaean kingdom, Babylon, the Eastern Mediterranean cities, the Hittites, and even the Egyptians and Assyrians took a beating. It changed the world beyond recognition and laid the groundwork for the Greek city states and the Persian empire plus ultimately, Rome. It was most likely caused by sudden Climate Change. Yes, Climate Change (even the sudden kind that changes everything in a single lifetime) has been with us since the dawn of human time on the planet (and before). Today, every change in Earths behavior towards us is interpreted as a consequence of man. Come down – we are not so important. At planetary scale, we are ants. The planet does what it does – we can still not control that. Oh besides, the Greeks adapted by dispersing into little villages which became the world-famous polis laying the foundation for Hellenistic culture, Pericles, Athens, Sparta and ultimately the non-greek Alexander the Great. Those who did not adapt disappeared. Let’s adapt to today’s changes.

While the sky isn’t falling (per se), global temperatures are warming and sea levels are rising — mostly likely by a few degrees and feet, respectively, according to sensible projections.

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