The Green New Deal Would Cause a ‘Yellow Vest’ Movement in the US

I know I just posted on this subject but its really important. One of the major reasons why I have found that methane will be the fuel of future mobility is that its not only clean enough but its also fundamentally economic with no poison pills and horrible surprises for the users. The people are sick of this “top-down” stuff where the elites get to decide everything and the people pay up. If only the elites made good decisions that work – but they don’t as despite prices for everything climbing into the stratosphere, we are gorged with report after report that whatever we do is not enough by a long shot. 8 years ago I said in a conference that either we manage to provide solutions that are clean and economic, or the people will revolt. Was that really so hard to predict?

While newly-elected House Democrats call for a Green New Deal (GND) to tackle global climate change, thousands of Parisians are taking to the streets in violent protest of French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed fuel tax.

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