‘A kind of dark realism’: Why the climate change problem is starting to look too big to solve

Even if we assumed that North America and Europe went zero carbon emissions in one year (which is absolutely non sensical), countries like China will just go on doing whatever they believe is in their best interest and saving the planet is definitely not on their list. How do we deal with that? So far, we have made them sign agreements of which we know they wont abide by even one millisecond. Its one big, damn lie and anyone who points the finger at the problem, the real problem, is vilified. Climate Change is the scare story of today, and its also the oldest story in the book. Far older than humans.

In the daunting math of climate action, individual choices and government policies aren’t adding up. Solar panels are being nailed to rooftops, colossal wind turbines bestride the plains and oceans, and a million electric vehicles are on U.S. roads — and it isn’t enough. Even if the world did an unlikely series of about-faces — halting deforestation, going vegetarian, paying $50 a ton carbon taxes, boosting energy efficiency, doubling car mileage, and more — it would not be enough.

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